YWAY 6 months Report

November 2020- April 2021


  1. Kitchen Gardening
  2. Football Tournament
  3. Organise and Empower YWAY.


  1. Awareness campaign through flyers ( My Home My vegetable)/ Seeds distributed twice.
  2. Appreciation love cash gift to 90 families. 450 Stevia and 2000 Moringa Plants were distributed.
  3. Preparation, printing of 2000 booklets with A5 size 40 pages with authentic information about Moringa and Stevia plants. Almost 1500 booklets had being given away before plants distribution.
  4. Football Tournament: Football ground maintenance, preparation, Printing, Football tournament, distribution 1000 A4 size cards with Bible text in Punjabi poetry against discrimination/ Turbans/tea/ food, prize and souvenirs distribution, 30 clubs from 29 village participated.
  5. YWAY Website 99% done.


1-Re- Registration of YWAY is still under process.

2- We did two days football couching camp with professionals from OM team. (26 Participants)

3- Survey and preparation is almost done for upcoming program ROAD ACCIDENTS REDUCTION.

4-Now we have old and new volunteers and WhatsApp’s group of 114 for discussion.

5- Consultation & evaluation meetings with pastors and other Church leaders.

6- Distribution of 3000 free masks and awareness against Corona in both villages .

How these people got benefits from these projects:

Financially, Health benefits. Entertainment, Love, peace and Harmony and Christians got more confidence. Learned and realized by everyone to respect others, rather than discrimination + Kingdom work.

Up Coming projects in 6 months May to October 2021:

  2. Seminars and speech competitions in both villages: Topic Bible, Welfare and Church.

4- Project proposal of Youth Building ( Land purchasing, Yway office, professional Computer centre, Gym, Library, Meeting hall, guests room and one pray room etc.

How upcoming projects will be beneficiary :

1-Traffic accidents happening in and outside the village because of small mistakes. By this project residents of our two villages and people coming from outside can protect their own lives and others and they can also safe their time and money.

2- Seminar and Speeches: People of our two villages and Churches will be strong in faith, unite and will get motivation to help others. When we post short speeches online other nations will have opportunity to listen the word of God. Maybe we expand speech competition and invite others too.

3-  Project Youth Building: This project have lot of things in side for every one for all religions like for  Poverty alleviation computer trainings, Gym, health benefits for men and women, Library for all , bible study, language classes, etc for everyone without any discrimination.

Please remember our coming 6 months projects in your prayers and stand with us finically if God gives you motivation.   Football Tournament 2021 is also part of our plan.

You can visit our website, https://yway371.com/  , still working on it.

God bless you all richly.

Gul Irfan khan.